My name is Andre Thomas and I personally know what it feels like to be overweight and out of control!  When I was a kid, my nickname was “Fat Boy”. I had gotten so use to the name, that it 912271756 n2po7 M 200x300 Aboutdidn’t even hurt my feelings. It was my badge of honor almost, so I felt like I had to live up to the

As a teenager I had ballooned to 230 pounds and used food to determine my happiness.

I got expelled from school when I was in the sixth grade for setting a girls hair on fire (that damn jheri curl) and spent most of adolescence hanging out selling drugs and getting high. I loved fast food and since I was always running the streets, I would have McDonalds for breakfast, a steak & cheese bomb for lunch and another steak & cheese for dinner (extra mayo, of course). Not to mention my in-between snacks of Hunny Buns, Funions and Reese Peanut Butter Cups.

These ridiculous choices were always washed down by my favorite choice of drink, Hawaiian Punch or a 40 ounce of Private Stock. I never played sports as a kid, never learned how to swim (still can’t swim) and hated walking anywhere.  The most you would get out of me is when the police came on the block, I was always the one to get caught cause I was so slow! They’d always yell “don’t even run Fat Boy, you know we’ll catch you”. I would try to run anyway and then get smacked around for making their asses run. I was one of the most inactive kids you would ever meet and I looked like it!

I’m not totally sure when it happen but there was a point where I finally got tired of being a fat ass. I’m pretty confident it had something to do with a girl rejecting me. I also came to the conclusion that I was tired of running the streets…too many close friends were dying and I knew I was close after a few incidents. As a young adults these few years were even worse!  I tried every diet, cleanse, detox and pill I could find and I would make some change here and there but always ended up back with the weight on or more. I even tried joining a gym and running on the treadmill for hours at a time and still, not much change

What was I doing wrong?  Why is this shit so difficult? Will I ever look like “that”?

I could not answer those questions but I was determined to find the answers.

The next few years, I read every book and magazine about weight loss, I could get my hands on! Comparing philosophies, testing strategies and confirming truths and fallacies about the subject. I grew to love the subject and was slowly but surely developing my own fat burning program to test out on myself

Guess what?  It worked!

I created the body that I had always admired but never thought I could have and the best part about it was that it happened so fast.  As soon as I applied this program I had created, the fat literally started melting off and the hard body I worked hard for appeared!

I felt like a billion bucks! My confidence went through the roof (my ex-girlfriend would say, through the sky), I found tons of energy and realized there was an athlete down deep. I beginning riding my bike everywhere, boxing, flag football, etc.  My life was totally different after getting rid of “Fat Boy”

My friends and family couldn’t believe it! They thought I was on drugs, the way I had lost the weight so fast!

What was even crazier was now I was the guy that people began asking for advice on how to lose weight and build muscle fast. Me, “Fat Boy”! I still can’t believe it sometimes.  At that moment I realized the knowledge and experience I gained would allow me to help hundreds of others. So, I decided to become a certified personal trainer!

I knew if I was going help people get into incredible shape I’d have to take the bull by the horns and break away from the industry standards…. So I went off on my own, became certified through The International Sports and Science Academy and started Fearless F.I.T.T. Body Transformation

Because my clients were making such drastic changes, so quickly the demand for my services grew to a point where I had to create a waiting list.  This was a great problem to have but a problem nonetheless.  I had people who really needed and wanted my help but there were just not enough hours in the day!

So, I decide that this blog would my way of bring people into my world of fitness. This blog is for the people who continue to struggle with losing weight and need motivation, strategies and real support! I have grown a lot from my days of running the streets of Springfield and Boston but I will warn you that I have kept my potty mouth, which really only becomes a problem if I’m really excited or really pissed off.
If you ever need to reach me, I can be contacted at info@AndreThomasFitness.com.

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