One on One Training:

  • Get a tailored program that works for you based on your goals and experience level.  Sessions will vary based on your goals and needs.

Due to a waiting list, I will not be accepting new one on one clients at this time but my team of kick ass specialist can get you in the best shape of your life, give us a call at 888-669-FITT

Starting Price:  $75 per session

Small Group Training (3 or 4):

  • This is an extremely affordable and fun way to get in shape!   Find some friends or neighbors who have similar goals and work out with Andre or a member of his team at the gym.

Starting Price:  $55 per person

In-home training:

  • Too busy to get to the gym, or don’t feel very comfortable in a gym setting?  Andre will come to your house and incorporate the exercise equipment you have along with his equipment to give you a gym quality workout in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Sarting Price:  Approx. $100 per session

Grocery Shopping tours:

  • The biggest nutritional battles start at the grocery store.  We’ll meet at a local store and learn the secrets of “eating to live, not living to eat.”  This hour long tour will teach you how to read labels, shop the perimeter, spot manufacturer’s deceptive advertising, learn to buy foods that will speed up your metabolism, find healthy snack alternatives, and much, much more!  Helpful handouts will provide you with additional information.  Groups limited to 10 people to maximize interaction.

Price:  $20 per person

Seminar Speaker:

  • Are you in a business or part of a group who needs someone to talk about a topic related to fitness and nutrition?  Andre will put together and present on a topic of your choosing, or he can present hands on workshops on topics such as stability ball training and dumbbell training.  The combination of Andre’s knowledge and motivation will make these presentations memorable and powerful to all who attend!

Customized Wellness Program:

  • Is your organization looking to bring wellness to your employees. Andre will put together and present hands on workshops, provide written materials customized for your organization’s goals.